The Narrator by K.L. Slater

I’m so pleased to be part of the tour today for this thrilling book. Thanks so much to Bookouture for the copy of the book and the invitation to be part of the tour.

Book Description:

What if the chance of a perfect life… put your daughter in grave danger?

Being a single mother is tough, but I’d do anything for my little girl Scarlet. I’d given up on my career as a voice actor when the call came, but suddenly I was the new narrator for a secret book from bestselling author Philippa Roberts, who has been missing for eight months. It was a lifeline for me and my daughter.

I hated that it meant leaving Scarlet with my ex in his perfect new home with his perfect new girlfriend. But I knew it was the right thing to do.

But as I start reading Philippa’s new novel, I start to wonder if it’s no coincidence that I’ve been chosen to narrate it. There’s something hidden in the pages of this book, I’m sure of it. Some clue to Philippa’s disappearance. And I don’t feel safe. I think I’m being watched. My room has been searched.

And then my ex’s girlfriend calls in tears and everything starts to click together. If I don’t find answers fast, I’ll lose more than my second chance. I’ll lose my daughter.

A completely gripping thriller that will hook you in from the first page and leave you gasping out loud. Fans of Our HouseThe Woman in the Window and The Wife Between Us won’t be able to put The Narrator down!

My Review:

I’m a massive fan of this author’s books. They are always very cleverly plotted and twisty, but this one takes it to a whole new level. I just thought the plot was brilliant.

The book starts off with a really dramatic opening chapter, and I was absolutely hooked from this moment on. We then meet Eve, the narrator of Philipa’s audiobooks, who I really liked as a character. She feels that something is not right and she won’t let it go. While I admired her tenacity I was worried that she was getting herself deeper and deeper into danger.

I was fairly confident a couple of times that I had it all worked out, but of course it wasn’t going to be that simple, and you absolutely won’t see the plot twists coming in this one at all.

In a world full of really excellent physological thrillers, this one really stands out as being just a little bit different, with such a clever and original plot. I absolutely raced through this book, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

My Rating:

Author Bio:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

For many years, Kim sent her work out to literary agents but never made it off the slush pile. At the age of 40 she went back to Nottingham Trent University and now has an MA in Creative Writing.

Before graduating, she received five offers of representation from London literary agents which was, as Kim says, ‘a fairytale … at the end of a very long road!’

Kim is a full-time writer and lives in Nottingham with her husband, Mac.
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