After the Wedding by Laura Elliot

I’m so pleased to be part of the tour today for this thrilling book. Thanks so much to Bookouture for the copy of the book and invitation to be part of the tour.

Author:     Laura Elliot  

Book:      After the Wedding

Publication Day:  24/03/2022

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Description:Everyone said she was the prettiest flower girl. But now her dress lies on the floor. It’s wet and torn, her shoes are lost. ‘Tell us what happened to you?’ her daddy sobs. Christine shakes her head. All she can remember are the red rose petals scattering like drops of blood spilling to the ground.

When Christine Lewis was a little girl, she witnessed something terrible at a wedding and buried it so deep in her memory, she managed to forget it ever happened.

Years later, Jessica Newman walks into the successful advertising agency Christine runs with her husband. Jessica is beautiful and excellent at her job but her presence triggers disturbing memories for Christine. Fragments of the wedding are starting to flicker in her mind and an unexplainable ball of dread begins to form in Christine’s stomach. Jessica is slowly beginning to destroy Christine’s marriage and her business. Why can’t anyone else see it?

Christine and Jessica’s lives were connected long before they set eyes on one another. But in unlocking the mystery of what happened at the wedding all those years ago, is Christine prepared for the truth she’s about to find?

An absolutely gripping and emotional page-turner packed with suspense that will have you completely hooked. Fans of Lisa Jewell, Gillian Flynn and Sally Hepworth will be gripped by After the Wedding.

My Review:

I have read and enjoyed previous books by this author, and I was really looking forward to this one. It wasn’t what I expected, but it certainly didn’t disappoint.

This book is very cleverly plotted, in four parts, and it certainly drew me in with its complex and intriguing plot. Christine feels very threatened by Jessica when she meets her, but doesn’t know why. She is haunted by her memories from the past, but there doesn’t seem to be a logical connection.

The story is told from both characters’ points of view, and it’s clear that there’s more to Jessica’s past than meets the eye as the story unfolds.

When all the threads of the story begin to come together, it starts to make sense. It’s hard to know who to trust, and what the outcome will be.

I found myself completely absorbed by this book, and the tightly woven plot kept me riveted. Another excellent, engrossing read from this author.

My Rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Author Bio:

Laura Elliot lives in Malahide, a picturesque, coastal village in Dublin, Ireland. She enjoys writing psychological thrillers — in the UK she is published by Bookouture, Sphere and Avon — and by Grand Central Publishing in the US. Her novels have also been widely translated.

AKA June Considine, she has written twelve books for children and young adults. In her earlier career, she worked as a journalist and magazine editor.

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