The Babysitter by Gemma Rogers

I’m so pleased to be part of the tour today for this thrilling book. Thanks so much to Rachel’s Random Resources and Boldwood Books for the invitation to be part of the tour and the copy of the book.

It’s every mother’s worst nightmare…All NEW from Gemma Rogers

Ali and Christopher Tolfrey’s one year old daughter Eden is abducted whilst in the care of Ali’s best-friend.

Snatched in broad daylight from Bushy Park on a trip to the swings, Eden disappears without a trace.

Brooke Simmons, regains consciousness, dazed from a blow to the head, to find Eden, her bestfriends’ child is missing.

Someone has taken Eden and Brooke knows who.

But it’s a secret she can’t share with Ali or the Police without revealing the web of deceit she’s spun.

Can Brooke get Eden home before her lies come back to haunt her? Or is the net closing in on her?

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My Review:

This is the first book I’ve read by this author, and it was absolutely gripping.

It’s one of those sort of books that totally pulls you in, and I just kept turning page after page, it’s completely addictive.

There are lots of thrillers written where a child goes missing, but this one is a little different. There’s the heart-pounding drama of a baby being taken, there’s the fear and panic of the parents, but there’s obviously another subtext, something not quite right with Brooke, the babysitter, who knows more than she lets on. It’s a really clever plot.

The story is told from several points of view, from Brooke’s, Ali’s, and rather unusually, from the abductor. It all makes sense once the strands of the plot begin to come together, but it’s very hard to see how it will all work out, and it’s really tense as the end approaches.

I absolutely raced through this book and could hardly bear to put it down. It’s definitely one to make sure that you have time set aside for, because you will be totally consumed by it.

Completely gripping and so well-written, I’ll be reading more books from this author, who will certainly be joining my favourites list.

My Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Author Bio –  Gemma Rogers was inspired to write gritty thrillers by a traumatic event in her own life nearly twenty years ago. Her debut novel Stalker was published in September 2019 and marked the beginning of a new writing career. Gemma lives in West Sussex with her husband, two daughters and bulldog, Buster.

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