The Open House by Sam Carrington

The Open House: A gripping, chilling new crime thriller from the USA Today bestseller to escape with this Christmas 2020 by [Sam Carrington]

Everyone’s welcome. But not everyone leaves…

Nick and Amber Miller are splitting up and selling their Devon family home. But despite the desirable location, the house isn’t moving. Not a single viewing so far.
When their estate agent suggests an open house event, Amber agrees, even as she worries about their gossiping neighbours attending and snooping around their home.
But Amber has more to worry about than nosy neighbours. Because thirteen people enter her house that afternoon, and only twelve leave.
Someone doesn’t want the house to sell, and is willing to do anything to stop it…

My Review:

Wow, this is a really complex and twisty thriller! I’m currently selling my house, and did wonder if this was a wise choice of read, but I really didn’t want to miss the opportunity to read it!

There’s a lot going on for Amber, her mother-in-law isn’t the easiest, and it’s clear that she’s got a hidden agenda. There are so many seemingly insignificant happenings that I did wonder if Amber was just being paranoid, but as the book progresses, it does seem that something strange is going on. When the plot is finally blown apart, it was not what I expected at all, there are several plot twists and shocks to be revealed.

It’s very hard to put this book down, it’s a real “just one more chapter” one, as the tension builds and builds. It’s difficult to say too much without giving anything away, but you will probably trust no-one in this book. Superb creepy and atmospheric thriller, very highly recommended.

My Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.


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