My Only Child by Sam Vickery

I’m delighted to be part of the tour today for this wonderful book. Thanks so much to Bookouture for the copy of the book and invitation to be part of the tour.

There he is, my baby boy. His eyes are closed, his tiny rosebud mouth is pursed in sleep. My eyes well up as I catch a whiff of his newborn skin and I swallow back a wave of emotion. I should feel happy, I should feel grateful, but all I can think about is everything I just lost…

It’s a miracle when Katherine’s baby boy is born healthy. But his twin sister doesn’t survive, and when Katherine is told she can’t have any more children the loss is almost too much for her to bear.

Katherine always saw herself having a big family: she remembers how the loneliness of being an only child used to overwhelm her, and she is desperate to adopt a sibling for her son.

But her husband Davis won’t agree. He worries that Katherine will struggle when the new baby arrives. What if growing their family only adds to the grief she feels over losing her little girl? What if this breaks their marriage apart?

And Katherine is forced to make a choice. Give up the second child she has always dreamed of or risk losing the family she already has?

An unforgettable and heart-wrenching page-turner about fighting for those we love. Readers of Jodi Picoult, Diane Chamberlain and Kate Hewitt will remember this story forever.

My Review:

I really don’t know how this author does it, but she just writes the most beautiful, emotional and powerful stories.

As soon as I started this book I knew I wasn’t going to be able to put it down. It drew me in straight away.

My heart went out to Katherine, she was going through so much. The story is told from both Katherine’s and her mother Hazel’s, points of view. At first, I wasn’t too sure about Hazel. She seemed to be very interfering in Katherine’s life, and their relationship was quite strained. But, as I got to know her story, I began to understand her better.

I won’t tell you too much about the plot, for fear of spoiling it, but Katherine and Davis have a lot to deal with, and at times I wasn’t sure if they were dealing with it in the right way. It’s a very emotional journey, and it feels so real. The characters really feel as though they are friends of yours going through a terrible time.

I just flew through this book, because I really wanted to see how it would all turn out. It’s a really beautiful, heart-breaking and emotional read, one I won’t forget.

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Author Bio:

Sam Vickery is an English author who loves gritty, emotional stories that can make you sob. As a child, she was forever getting in trouble for being caught with her nose in a book, and these days are no different. She lives on the south coast of England with her husband, two children and a cat that thinks it’s a dog.

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