The Heatwave by Katerina Diamond

I’m so delighted to be able to tell you about this absolutely gripping book today. Thanks so much to Avon Books for the copy of the book.

One summer. One stranger. One killer…

Two bad things happened that summer:
A stranger arrived. And the first girl disappeared.

In the wake of the crime that rocked her community, Felicity fled, knowing more than she let on.

But sixteen years later, her new life is shattered by the news that a second girl has gone missing in her hometown.

Now Felicity must go back, to face the truth about what happened all those years ago.

Only she holds the answers – and they’re more shocking than anyone could imagine.

The heatwave is back. And so is the killer.

My Review:

Wow, this is such an atmospheric and chilling thriller!

There’s a totally gripping prologue, and then the story begins..

Felicity is the main character in the book, and she’s a difficult one to figure out. She’s clearly got some pretty big secrets in her past, and has stayed away from the town where she grew up until now. When she returns, it all begins to come out.

There’s a dual timeline, told from Jasmine’s point of view, from when the two friends were younger, during that fateful summer. At first, it’s hard to see how these two stories connect. It’s a complex and twisty plot, and it’s book that just makes you want to keep reading, as you try to unravel the story.

The hot and sultry weather is the perfect atmospheric backdrop for this plot, which just builds and builds.

I did not see the twist coming at all, this book really keeps you guessing.

Fabulous thriller, highly recommended.

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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