My Perfect Summer in Greece by Ian Wilfred

Family Friendships and New Beginnings.
Cheryl is excited her sister Julie has asked for her help in organising her wedding but things aren’t turning out the way Cheryl had hoped. There’s going to be no little village church and no bridesmaids dress; the wedding is taking place on the Greek island of Holkamos.
Vangelis has the perfect beach location for a wedding but his little beach cafe has never catered for weddings before. Will he be able to cope with all of Julie’s demands?
Andréas has moved back to Holkamos to help run the family gift shop after the death of his father. The business has to move with the times but will his mum allow things to change?
Johnny is Cheryl’s best friend. He doesn’t like the way Julie treats her and has a plan to put things right but is it the right thing for Cheryl and what happens when they both arrive on the Greek island. Could it become more than just a weekend wedding for Cheryl and Johnny?


Back to the lovely location of Holkamos for another Greek adventure.

Cheryl is such a likeable character and the author’s lovely chatty style enables us to really get to know her. She’s lacking in confidence a little but Holkamos soon works its magic on her.

I loved the character of Johnny, who is so much fun, and a great friend to Cheryl.

Beautiful setting, well drawn characters, laughter, love and friendship make this a wonderful holiday read to immerse yourself in.



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