Secrets in Sicily by Penny Feeny

I’m delighted to be part of the blog tour for this wonderful book today. Thanks so much to Aria Fiction for the copy of the book and invitation to be part of the blog tour.


Sun-drenched, touching and inspirational, this is your ultimate summer read for 2018, perfect for fans of Rosanna Ley and Victoria Hislop.

Sicily, 1977 Ten-year-old Lily and family arrive for their Sicily, 1977 Ten-year-old Lily and family arrive for their annual summer holiday in Sicily. Adopted as a toddler, Lily’s childhood has been idyllic. But a chance encounter with a local woman on the beach changes everything… 10 years later… Ever since that fateful summer Lily’s picture-perfect life, and that of her family, has been in turmoil. The secrets of the baking hot shores of Sicily are calling her back, and Lily knows that the answers she has been so desperately seeking can only be found if she returns to her beloved island once more…

Fans of Victoria Hislop, Rosanna Ley, Victoria Hislop and Domenica de Rosa will fall in love with the stunning and evocative Italian backdrop to this sweeping family epic.


This book is such an addictive read. The setting is wonderful, and you feel instantly transported to Sicily. The story is compelling. Lily was adopted, and there’s no secret made of this fact. But who is this woman who has now appeared in her life, and is she who she claims to be?

Without giving too much away, the circumstances surrounding Lily’s adoption are actually based on a true event that occurred in Sicily in the 60s.

There are fascinating twists and turns to this story, and it flows perfectly as we move from Lily’s childhood to her adulthood. She’s a great character, I really liked her.

We find out more about Carlotta, the woman who turned up when Lily was ten, and I liked her more as I got to know her.

Wonderful and evocative setting, well drawn characters and an intricately woven plot, I absolutely loved this book, highly recommended.

MY RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Penny Feeny has lived and worked in Cambridge, London and Rome. Since settling in Liverpool many years ago she has been an arts administrator, editor, radio presenter and advice worker. Her short fiction has been widely published and broadcast and won several awards. Her first novel, That Summer in Ischia, was one of the summer of 2011’s best selling titles.


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