Seven Sunny Days by Chris Manby

When Rachel Buckley announces that she is going to tie the knot, her best friends Yaslyn and Carrie Ann organise a luxury ‘hen week’ in sun-soaked Turkey.

It should be the perfect send off to single life. But her friends have packed more than just sun creams and bikinis – they’ve also brought with them a serious amount of emotional baggage.

Add unlimited free cocktails, rampant reps and a nasty dose of sunstroke and suddenly seven sunny days puts even the firmest friendships to the test.


This book was a light hearted holiday read.

The three women go on an all inclusive holiday to Turkey for Rachel’s hen week. The holiday village is not a cheap place to stay, but it sounds awful, with lots of really enthusiastic reps and too many activities. It’s the perfect setting though for some hilarious moments, as the three get into all sorts of situations with both reps and fellow guests.

It’s also a time to test their friendship, as many home truths come out during the week.

There’s a couple in the story too, Sally and Marcus, who’ve come to see if they can save their marriage. They make for interesting reading.
A funny, light read, perfect holiday reading.



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