Inside the O’Briens by Lisa Genova

Joe O’Brien is a Boston cop; his physical stamina and methodical mind have seen him through decades policing the city streets, while raising a family with his wife Rosie. When he starts making uncharacteristic errors, he attributes them to stress. Finally, he agrees to see a doctor and is handed a terrifying, unexpected diagnosis: Huntington’s disease.

Not only is Joe’s life set to change beyond recognition, but each of his four grown children has a fifty-fifty chance of inheriting the disease. Observing her potential future play out in his escalating symptoms, his pretty yoga teacher daughter Katie wrestles with how to make the most of the here and now, and how to care for her dad who is, inside, always an O’Brien.


This book is absolutely stunning. I’ve loved all of Lisa Genova’s books. She always tackles such interesting topics. As a neuroscientist, she really knows her subject. But as a wonderful writer, she knows how to show us the human side of how these diseases affect families.

Joe O’Brien is a tough Boston cop. When he’s diagnosed with Huntington’s disease, it’s devastating for him, and he fights against it.

The O’Brien family are very close, and Joe’s diagnosis affects them all. It’s a genetic condition, so not only do they have to deal with their father’s diagnosis, but also with the fact that they have a fifty percent chance of inheriting the condition.

Beautifully written, with excellent characters, I found this book such a compelling and emotional read. Highly recommended.

MY RATING: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


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