The Street Where You Live by Roisin Meaney

When a heatwave coincides with rehearsals for an end-of-summer concert, temperatures soar – so too do the small town scandals …

It turns out that some members of the choir have secrets they are desperate to keep hidden.

Christopher, the handsome and talented director, is embroiled in a steamy affair with someone who is strictly off-limits; Molly has become obsessed with a young boy whom she’s convinced is her grandson; while Emily has just fallen in love – with the wrong man.

As opening night approaches, it becomes clear that there are some tough decisions to be made. But until the curtain falls, you never know what might happen on The Street Where You Live.


This is a book to get totally and utterly engrossed in.

I love Roisin Meaney’s books, and this latest one is so good.

The characters are superb, you feel as if you know them all. All are interlinked and their stories cross over in some way.

It all takes place during that very rare thing, a heatwave in Ireland. Her descriptions are so realistic that I almost felt as if I was there, away from this endless winter!

I became particularly fond of Molly, such a kind and hard working person, who’d been through a lot in her life. Christopher too, when you get to know him and his story, is a very interesting character.

There are enough twists and turns and back stories to make this a compelling read. I was sorry when it was over.

Uplifting, captivating and enjoyable. A lovely read.



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