Joanna Trollope in conversation with Sinead Moriarty

Last night, I was so lucky to able to attend this event in the beautiful library of the Royal Irish Academy in Dublin.

What a wonderful evening it was. Sinead Moriarty was a fantastic interviewer, she was warm and engaging, and asked super questions.

The discussion was fascinating. It covered everything from Joanna’s childhood and education, her writing career, how she writes, to her opinions on various topics. She’s a wonderful speaker. Being such a successful and talented author herself, Sinead knew all the right questions to ask for a fascinating discussion.

They spoke about Joanna’s latest book, An Unsuitable Match, and Joanna outlined the characters for us, and how they came to be, and where the plot came from. She then read an extract from it. I can’t wait to read it, and should have a review of it up in the next few days.

One of the things that Joanna Trollope said that really resonated with me was about fiction itself as a genre. She said that reading fiction is how we learn about something, and that her writing is a way of communicating with people, of showing them that it’s ok to feel a certain way, that others have been through something similar. I thought this was an excellent point, as I feel I’ve learnt so much through reading fiction and “experienced”, so many other lives that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

After some questions from the floor, Joanna signed her new book. I’ll be starting to read it today. Very much looking forward to reading it.


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