That Girl by Kate Kerrigan

You can escape a place. But you can’t escape yourself.

Hanna flees the scene of a terrible crime in her native Sligo. If she can just vanish, re-invent herself under a new name, perhaps the police won’t catch up with her. London seems the perfect place to disappear.

Lara has always loved Matthew and imagined happy married life in Dublin. Then comes the bombshell ā€“ Matthew says he wants to join the priesthood. Humiliated and broken-hearted, Lara heads to the most godless place she can find, King’s Road, Chelsea.

Matthew’s twin sister, Noreen, could not be more different from her brother. She does love fiance John, but she also craves sex, parties and fun. Swinging London has it all, but without John, Noreen is about to get way out of her depth.

All three girls find themselves working for Bobby Chevron ā€“ one of London’s most feared gangland bosses ā€“ and it’s not long before their new lives start to unravel.


Wow! This book really is a contender for my favourite book of this year so far.

Right from the start it captures the reader and it doesn’t let go until the last page.

The story of how three young Irish women end up in the same part of London, what brought them there, and what happens to them over there, is engrossing.

There’s everything you could want in this book, humour, sadness, intrigue, shocks and tension, all set in the backdrop of the swinging sixties in London.

The three girls end up getting involved in gangland London, and it makes for some hard hitting, but fast paced and enthralling reading.

They all change and grow in London, coming a long way from their roots in rural Ireland.

I was very reluctant to drag myself away from it to go to work when I was 92% of the way through, and really needed to see what was going to happen next, but it was great to have that last little bit to look forward to when I got home.

I was delighted to discover Kate Kerrigan’s fantastic books earlier in the year, but I think this one is the best yet. Highly recommended.


About the author:

Kate Kerrigan lives in County Mayo, Eire, with her husband and children. Her novels include Recipes for a Perfect Marriage, shortlisted for the 2006 Romantic Novel of the Year Award and Ellis Island, which was a TV Book Club Summer Read.

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