The House on Seaview Road by Alison Walsh

The House on Seaview Road is a story about love, growing up and about the enduring bonds of sisterhood. Perfect reading for fans of Joanna Trollope and Maggie O’Farrell.

Marie Stephenson has decided that it’s her last summer in Seaview – just a few months left before she can break free of her suburban home, go out into the world and make her mark. If only it weren’t for the promise she made to her dying mother. This promise, to look after her younger sister, is one she has always kept, even though Marie sometimes feels that the cosseted Grainne doesn’t deserve it.

But then the sudden appearance of intense, rebellious Con on Seaview Beach one afternoon changes everything.

As her innocence comes to a sudden and shocking end, Marie must make some choices about her future.

But will she find the courage to become the woman she was meant to be?


This story about two sisters growing up in South Dublin turned out to be so much more thought provoking than I had anticipated.

It’s more than just a simple story about Maire and Grainne and their relationship. Without giving any spoilers, something catastrophic happens and everything changes. The results of this are particularly topical at the moment as the Ireland of today looks back at how we’ve treated women in the past, at a time of great change.

It is a book that drew me in slowly and that kept me engrossed. Excellent characters, perfect pace, and a facinating story made it a pleasure to read.



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