Putting Right the Past by Ian Wilfred

Carole Harding is in her 50s. She divorced her husband after he cheated on her with a prostitute. She hated her life – working in a Bristol supermarket – and the only exciting thing she’d done was to go on holiday (to Scotland in a caravan). 

Then she inherited 2 million pounds. 
Now she lives in an apartment in a plush complex in Tenerife, but it seems all her neighbours have problems and Carole finds herself helping to change their lives… 

Nadean is the actress who hit the headlines and had to go into hiding; Victoria, a model, why did her family turn against her? Hamilton spent his life traveling the world, earning so much money, but was so lonely; Riley gave up everything for love… Then there are Peter and Paul, who only seem to be happy when having a crisis and Jeremy – who has secrets from his wife and from the law. 

As Carole gets involved with the lives of her neighbours, she blossoms into the woman she’d always longed to be… when she meets Robson, can Carole make the biggest transformation of her life?


Another lovely book from Ian Wilfred. 

Like Maggie from The Little Terrace of Friendships, Carole is a character that you feel you’d love to meet. She’s so caring and kind, and worries about all her neighbours and wants to solve all their problems. She’s got a wicked sense of humour too and is very funny.

Although there are quite a few characters in this book, the way they are introduced gradually, and in Carole’s gossipy style, you get to know them all quite easily.

Reading this book is more like having a chat with a friend, and catching up on all the news, than reading a work of fiction.

A book full of fun, human interest and wit.  Definitely one for your holiday reading list. 

MY RATING: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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