All at Sea by Pauline Lawless

Could there be a better Christmas present than a luxury Caribbean cruise? 

Dublin socialite Bunny McElroy thinks not and invites her family on one for the holidays. Her husband Richard is not so sure about it, and her son Gavin and his down-to-earth wife Fiona are apprehensive about spending two weeks cooped up with his family. But even they could never imagine the havoc Bunny’s two beautiful daughters, Sarah and Jess, will cause on board.

Meanwhile Tony Kenny, a wealthy Galway businessman, fed up with his wife’s family who descend on them every Christmas, thinks a cruise is the perfect way to escape them. His timid wife Ann is nervous about it all but, as always, Tony gets his way. His children are less than enthusiastic but, as it turns out, their handsome son Jack is pleasantly surprised by the action on board and his shy sister Emily begins to come out of her shell. 

Declan Jordan is terrified that his sexy mistress Alix will reveal their affair to his classy wife Cassie, so he whisks Cassie away for what he promises will be a second honeymoon. However, it turns out to be anything but . . . 

This group form what they laughingly call ‘the Irish Mafia’ on board the Liberté and, between the drama and the shenanigans, there is never a dull moment! 

Another holiday read for me. I’d read some other Pauline Lawless books before and enjoyed them.

It took me a while to get the hang of which character was which at the beginning, but once I did, I became engrossed in their stories.

The story seems quite simple at first, several families on a Caribbean cruise, but with lots of twists and turns, it soon becomes so much more than that.  The story moves fast, and so much happens during the cruise.

The descriptions of the locations are very evocative, and the whole way that a cruise operates is very interesting.

An easy but fascinating read, if a little predictable at the end. Well worth a read.


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